A short review to Michl and Kraftl’s this year’s 67th 4hills tournament

Within this year’s 4hills tournament, an exciting competition full of ups and downs for our JumpandReach athletes, ends. Starting in Oberstdorf over Garmisch and the home jump Innsbruck to the point of Bischofshofen the competitions were full of success, but also challenges for the jumpers.

With a solid performance Stefan Kraft achieved the third place at the jumping in Oberstdorf after Markus Eisenbichler and the favourite Ryoyo Kobayashi, while his roommate Michael Hayböck was fighting for a place in the Top 30.

New year’s jumping in Garmisch meant a bad disappointment for Stefan Kraft, who already lost against the German jumper Constantin Schmid in the K.O. phase. Hayböck sadly wasn’t successful either: He did not make it through the K.O. phase either and scored the 45th place.

The Bergiselschanze in Innsbruck meant a comeback for the Tyrolians! With a solid performance Stefan Kraft made it to the 2nd place after Kobayashi, while Hayböck tightly misses the Top 20. The two athletes also showed their best in Bischofshofen! Kraft directly placed himself with a jump over 131.5 m in the second run on the podium and achieved bronze. Michael Hayböck made it into the Top 20 with the 14th place.

In the single jumps as well as in the whole score of the 4hills tournament Ryoyo Kobayashi convinced with an overwhelming performance and the 1st place in every competition.