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Ski Jumpers’ Golf Trophy 2019

Under the slogan of a „sportive understanding among nations“ some of the world’s best ski jumpers met this year already for the sixth  time to an amicable golf competition – for the fourth time now at the golf club Zillertal Uderns in Tyrol. The Austrian ski jumpers Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck challenged together with […]

JumpandReach exhibit at the Krone Sporthilfe charity auction

Every year the ‘Sporthilfe’ and the ‘Krone’ auction off unique experiences and non-cash prizes during their special charity auction. This year for the first time, JumpandReach provides a one-of-a-kind experience for this charity auction. The prize is an afternoon full of sportive activities but mainly with a lot of fun with Michael Hayböck, Stefan Kraft, […]

JumpandReach athletes skiing-day 2019 at Hochzillertal

As every year, JumpandReach again invited its athletes to the annual JumpandReach athletes skiing-day at Hochzillertal/Kaltenbach. As a perfect closure of the winter season we spent a breath-taking skiing-day in the Zillertaler Alps together with friends and partners. „Sports and fun“ was the motto of this special day and as every year it was the […]

An exciting home world championship ends

Home championship Seefeld 2019 – without any doubts one of the highlights of the career for our JumpandReach athletes. Fighting for medals at home, with home audience, is a privilege, which not every athlete achieves in his career. Over 200,000 members of the audience, best conditions and the host Seefeld were the reason for the […]

Fan-Apps of Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck

Discover Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck as a cool 3D model! There are now two great Fan-Apps for Michi and Krafti, with which you can create the two athletes in 3D on their autograph cards. And that’s how it works: Download the app, acquire a autograph card and off you go! Simply pull up the […]

A short review to the Nordic Ski Junior World Championship with our athletes Johannes Lamparter and Dominik Terzer

In January 2019 in Lathi the young talents of Nordic combination were fighting for gold, silver and bronze at the Nordic Ski Junior World Championship. Our JumpandReach athletes Dominik Terzer and Johanes Lamparter took part in the world championship the second time and not success less! After winning the second place in weight lifting the […]

Gold for Mario Seidl in the Nordic Combined Triple

It is still hard to believe: Mario Seidl wins as first Austrian athlete the Nordic Combined Triple in Chaux Neuve. After his first weltcup victory in November 2018 in Ruka with a jump over 145.5m and an overwhelming performance in the cross-country ski run, the 26 year old also shows a top-performance in Chaux Nueve. […]

A short review to Michl and Kraftl’s this year’s 67th 4hills tournament

Within this year’s 4hills tournament, an exciting competition full of ups and downs for our JumpandReach athletes, ends. Starting in Oberstdorf over Garmisch and the home jump Innsbruck to the point of Bischofshofen the competitions were full of success, but also challenges for the jumpers. With a solid performance Stefan Kraft achieved the third place […]