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One should break new ground when it is most beautiful…

After the strategic (reorganisation) work of the last few months, the starting signal for change has finally been given.

Can there be a better moment to realign the personal heart project? In the context of our 20th anniversary, we remembered many successful paths with numerous emotional moments and uniquely grown competences.

As already mentioned for the first time in the summer of 2019, also in the last two years the feeling has solidified – for a variety of reasons – to leave the very specifically grown and successful path of the COMPREHENSIVE, systemic and strategic coaching of top athletes over 20 years.

This means that no new top athletes will be accepted DIRECTLY at JumpandReach in the future. However, Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayböck, Johannes Lamparter and Christian Deuschl will continue to be accompanied and coached comprehensively and with full energy at JumpandReach.

And: We will continue to be available to interested athletes, parents, coaches, officials, etc. with our long-standing knowledge, know-how and core competences in personal development, high-quality networks, training and development and with the strategic conception around a top athlete upon request and wish.

This also means: The JumpandReach family and the spirit and VALUE theme will simultaneously become more and more central as a community! We want to act even more and even more broadly as role models – for team spirit, for respect, passion, friendship and all the values we stand for. The community around us should continue to grow in order to inspire even more people.

Ultimately, it also means: our “matters of the heart” – such as our projects around the initiative “kids(e)motion” (getting kids moving) and the associated events such as “Kids meet their Idols” will of course continue to be developed and play an important role at JumpandReach. The same applies to our values projects and events such as the “JaR Open” or our “for friends”, which serve as long-established and broad platforms for exemplifying values.

The new focus:
In the future, strategic sports management, system and structural development, corporate governance and core competencies in the brand development process will increasingly become the focus of strategic orientation. This will be complemented by specially developed opportunities for executive coaching and personality development.

The foundation for this is, on the one hand, the extensive and – in this combination uniquely grown – core competences in the field of economics. This concerns university editing, business management, strategic concept development and implementation, brand development & marketing and media and PR work. And on the other hand, the precise knowledge of the functioning in the individual relevant systems and structures in sport (federations, clubs), companies (management & marketing), the media, the system of public funding, institutions, etc.

These experiences, accumulated over the years, enable a holistic approach. Thus, connections, overlaps, potentials, synergies, etc. are shown, analysed and restructured in their entirety. Policy-makers, companies and institutions can thus be accompanied in their strategic development and supported in the implementation of strategic concepts in a more targeted manner.


“JumpandReach for friends” 2022: Happy Birthday!

At the traditional “JumpandReach for friends” meeting there was one more reason to celebrate this year. Besides the sporting successes of JumpandReach athletes Johannes Lamparter, Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayböck and Christian Deuschl, the 20th birthday of the JumpandReach family was in the foreground. Patrick Murnig invited former top athletes, the closest friends and numerous mentors of JumpandReach to a festive get-together with the Seyrling family at the Hotel Klosterbräu & Spa***** in Seefeld.

The festivities kicked off with an exclusive gala dinner in the inner courtyard of the Klosterbräu. Over an aperitif from “Organics by Red Bull” and a multi-course gourmet dinner, the guests revelled in the past together with the current top athletes to relive numerous funny stories from the last 20 years.

The second day of the family reunion was all about nature and sustainability. In the morning, the JumpandReach Family hiked together to the Wettersteinhütte (1717m) in the Seefeld region. Pleasant conversations along the hiking trail and a delicious Kaiserschmarrn made the hike an unforgettable experience in front of the magnificent panorama of the high plateau around Seefeld.

In the afternoon, the JumpandReach family drove to Fritzens to visit the “Lumpererhof” farm of organic farmer Clemens Lutz together with over 20 children from the kids(e)motion initiative. Values such as sustainability, regionality and closeness to nature have always been important to us, and we try to set an example for the children. Together with the kids, the athletes enjoyed a guided tour of the farm and a deep insight into the world of organic farming – of course, there was a healthy snack afterwards :)

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The JumpandReach family trip to St. Stephen’s Cathedral and WFL World Run

Last weekend the JumpandReach family made a very special trip to Vienna. The focus of this weekend was fun, spending time together and a good cause.

On Saturday, a special guided tour of St. Stephen’s Cathedral was on the agenda for Michael Hayböck, Stefan Kraft, Johannes Lamparter, the JaR team and friends. Guided by a stonemason, who is sponsored to St. Stephen’s Cathedral by the Manner company for renovation work, the group discovered the cathedral on completely unknown paths and corridors. A walk along the rain gutter at the balcony led to the enormous roof truss of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. From there, the group went up into the south tower. Just below the top of the tower, an unforgettable view of the capital was waiting.

On Sunday, the flagship run of the Wings for Life World Run in Vienna was all about the good cause. More than 10,000 runners started there again this year under the motto “Running for those who can’t.” More than 160,000 people took part worldwide. Not only did the JaR family team members collect numerous kilometers on the spot, but great performances were also achieved via the app run.

All in all, this was a cool weekend in line with our values, which increases the excitement for the next meeting.


Stefan Kraft is Salzburg’s Sportsman of the Year for the fourth time

After a two-year break due to corona, the Leonidas Gala of the Salzburger Nachrichten took place again on April 7th. Stefan Kraft was awarded the Golden Leonidas as Salzburg’s Sportsman of the Year for the fourth time in his career. In the process, he left Red Bull Salzburg star Karim Adeyemi and sports shooter Gernot Rumpler behind. The award also caused great joy among the JumpandReach family, who attended the gala together and enjoyed a nice evening in Terminal 2 of the Salzburg Airport.

Stefan Kraft was able to celebrate great successes this winter despite some difficult phases and is therefore rightly happy about this award. Among other things, the 28-year-old won Olympic Gold with the Austrian team, World Championship bronze in ski flying as well as the Raw Air Tour. In addition, Stefan Kraft reached the 3rd place in the Ski Flying World Cup, the 5th place in the overall World Cup as well as four World Cup victories and nine podium places in individual competitions.

He was previously named Salzburg’s Sportsman of the Year in 2017, 2020 and 2021, as well as Rookie of the Year in Salzburg in 2012. With his fourth Golden Leonidas, another trophy joins his long list, which is once again a great confirmation of his hard work and consistent pursuit of his way.


JumpandReach family ski day 2022 in Hochzillertal

After a two-year break, the JumpandReach family ski day in Hochzillertal took place as usual this year. Under the motto “snow and fun at the end of the season” we spent a successful ski day together with friends and partners in the Zillertal Alps. This common day offered the perfect opportunity – according to the JumpandReach philosophy – to spend a cool and fun ski day together with friends in a cozy atmosphere.

With the ideal slope conditions and an excellent atmosphere, the JumpandReach family enjoyed a wonderful day of skiing. In addition to lots of fun and speedy turns in the snow, we of course went to the Kristallhütte for a stop for lunch and conversation. After lunch, this special ski day came to a relaxing end at over 2,100 meters.

This year the JumpandReach athletes Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayböck, Johannes Lamparter and Christian Deuschl took part. Also part of the gathering were the JaR team, Stefan Hayböck, Günther Mader, Bernhard Vetta, Claus Meinert, Jasmin Steiner, as well as the successful bidders of the “Licht ins Dunkel” auction. A big thank you also goes to Martha Schultz and the Bergbahnen Hochzillertal for the great hospitality! Once again, it was a successful end to the season, where the focus was on fun and sports together, just like the JumpandReach spirit.

Stefan Kraft: “It’s just always casual when we get together with the whole JumpandReach family. Even if the weather wasn’t brilliant, I always enjoy skiing. We always have a blast together, can chat with each other in the comfortable atmosphere and it’s casual and cozy – just the right thing to do after a long season.”

Michael Hayböck: “During the season we of course have very little time, this ski day is the first opportunity after the season to meet the other JaR athletes and exchange ideas with them. In addition, there is a good meal, a fantastic panorama and a few rapid turns in the snow. This year is also special for me, after all, 6 months ago I was still on the surgery table and couldn’t even walk.”

Johannes Lamparter: “Although the season is over, we still have a lot of program and of course we have to keep training. This ski day is a welcome change, I think it’s cool that we all get together and really enjoy ourselves for a day. After that, it’s off to Norway to continue collecting kilometers on the track.”

VAL Di FIEMME,ITALY,08.JAN.22 - NORDIC SKIING, NORDIC COMBINED, CROSS COUNTRY - FIS World Cup, 10km Gundersen, men. Image shows the rejoicing of Johannes Lamparter (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ ZUMA Press/ CSM/ ESPA/ Pierre Teyssot - ATTENTION - COPYRIGHT FOR AUSTRIAN CLIENTS ONLY - FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Johannes Lamparter’s impressive season

For the only 20-year-old double world champion Johannes Lamparter his very successful season ended last weekend with an exciting final. “Jo” delivered a hard fight until the end and his season results are absolutely impressive.

Up to the last meters in the last competition he demanded everything from dominator Jarl Magnus Riiber and in the end he had to admit defeat only narrowly. Nonetheless, Johannes Lamparter achieved a clear second place in the overall World Cup, with an 11th place as his worst result – his only result outside the top 10. On January 8th 2022, he celebrated his very first World Cup victory in Val di Fiemme, followed by two more victories shortly thereafter in Klingenthal. In addition, the 20-year-old Tyrolean has made it onto the podium a total of 14 times this season.

At the Nordic Combined Triple in Seefeld, Johannes Lamparter not only achieved his first podium finishes in Austria, but also a 2nd place in the Triple ranking. At the season highlight, the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, “Jo” narrowly missed a medal several times. However, he showed great performances in difficult conditions and can definitely be proud of his 4th, 6th and 4th places.

With two podium finishes at the World Cup final in Schonach, Johannes Lamparter concluded a really successful season in a respectable manner. In only his second World Cup season to show such consistently good performances and to be able to fight for top rankings in every event is really impressive – especially in such a demanding sport as Nordic Combined. Congratulations on this great season!

Johannes Lamparter: “It was a really great season. I was able to celebrate my first three World Cup victories and perform strongly at home in the triple in Seefeld. The Olympic Games didn’t bring any medals, but the performances there weren’t bad and I’m already excited about the 2026 Games. All in all, the season was brilliant. I already had a sensational season last year and together with my personal coach Patrick Murnig we made a precise plan for this year. Of course we had to adapt it again and again – for example because of the appendectomy – but in the course of the months we managed to turn the right screws and thus never lost Riiber. When I was able to wear the yellow bib even to the triple in Seefeld, a dream came true for me. I am also very grateful for my environment, first of all my family, Patrick, the coaches, my teammates, the sponsors and, and, and. I am already looking ahead and congratulate Jarl from the bottom of my heart. He won most of the races and yet I managed to make it really hard for him throughout the season. That’s really cool, makes me happy and that’s why I’m already looking forward to next season.”

BISCHOFSHOFEN,AUSTRIA,06.JAN.20 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING - FIS World Cup, Four Hills Tournament, large hill. Image shows the rejoicing of Michael Hayboeck and Stefan Kraft (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Christian Walgram

The Ski Flying World Championships 2022 for the JumpandReach family

From March 10th to 13th the Ski Flying World Championships took place in Vikersund. Stefan Kraft came to his world record hill in Vikersund with consistently very good flights and great results from the last competitions. Michael Hayböck was also nominated after a few weeks in the Continental Cup, where he worked on his way back to the top of the world.

The Ski Flying World Championships started on Thursday with the qualification and it could not have gone better for the JumpandReach family. Stefan Kraft won the qualification and Michael Hayböck was second directly behind him.

On Friday, the first two of a total of four competition flights of the individual competition were on the program. Both were able to confirm their performances of the previous day with great flights and so Stefan Kraft was fully in the fight for the World Championship title after the first day with rank 2. Michael Hayböck also showed a good competition and finished the first day on the 8th place. On the next day it became serious in the fight for the medals. “Krafti” risked it all in the last jump, but it didn’t quite work out. Nevertheless, the 28-year-old from Salzburg secured his third bronze medal at a Ski Flying World Championships. “Michi” was able to improve by one place on the final day and finished the individual competition in a good 7th place, just a few months after his disk surgery.

The Ski Flying World Championships in Vikersund ended on Sunday with the final team competition. Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck were able to show good and long flights again. Together with the Austrian team they fought for a medal until the very end, but unfortunately it was not enough. For the two of them, however, the Ski Flying World Cups in Oberstdorf and Planica are still on the agenda in the next two weeks, where the Ski Flying World Cup and a good end to an eventful season are on the line.


Michael Hayböck’s journey from the Continental Cup to the Ski Flying World Championships

Only three months after his disk surgery, Michael Hayböck gave his comeback at the Bergisel on January 3rd. After a successful start at the Four Hills Tournament, the 31-year-old Upper Austrian consistently followed his path in the Continental Cup in order to catch up with the world’s best again.

An intensive training phase at home was followed by a trip to Iron Mountain, USA at the beginning of February and then to Brotterode, Germany. In his first appearances in the Continental Cup, “Michi” was able to get used to competing again and already showed some good jumps including a podium in Iron Mountain. In the following days and weeks he improved further and jumped on the podium twice in Rena (Norway) as third, before he celebrated his first victory in the Continental Cup in Planica at the end of February. Last weekend, Michael Hayböck improved again and also won one of the two jumps in Lahti.

Therefore Michael Hayböck did not only get the quota for the remaining Ski Flying World Cups, but was also nominated for the Ski Flying World Championships in Vikersund. Since his disk surgery on October 4th, the 31-year-old has completed an impressive journey and will now be rewarded for his hard work of the last months with the participation in the Ski Flying World Championships.

HINZENBACH,AUSTRIA,26.FEB.22 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING - FIS World Cup, normal hill, ladies. Image shows Chiara Kreuzer (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Manfred Binder

The home World Cup in Hinzenbach with Chiara Kreuzer

Three World Cup competitions were on the schedule for the female ski jumpers last weekend in Hinzenbach, Upper Austria, where Chiara Kreuzer also took part after her victory in the Continental Cup.

The competition weekend started on Friday, February 25th with a team event, which the Austrian team in the line-up of Chiara Kreuzer, Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, Lisa Eder and Marita Kramer won. After a very mixed season so far for Chiara, this was a cool feeling of success.

On Saturday it continued with the first individual competition. After the first round still outside of the top 20, Chiara Kreuzer improved in the second round with a good jump to the 15th place. On the following day, the 24-year-old was able to improve once again and finished the weekend with an 11th place.

Therefore, the Salzburg native was able to make some steps forward again this weekend with solid jumps and get some more self-confidence for the upcoming Raw Air Tour, in order to be able to show cool performances again in the last part of the season.

ZHANGJIAKOU,CHINA,09.FEB.22 - OLYMPICS, NORDIC SKIING, NORDIC COMBINED, CROSS COUNTRY - Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022, 10km Gundersen, men. Image shows Johannes Lamparter (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Patrick Steiner

First interview with Johannes Lamparter after his return from the 2022 Olympic Games

A few days have already passed since the end of the Olympic Games in Beijing. The 20-year-old Tyrolean Johannes Lamparter fought for the medals in all three events of the Nordic Combined, but the others had the better end.

Shortly after Johannes arrived back in Austria, we asked him for a detailed interview and for his very personal Olympic review:


The first night at home, what was the best part?

Johannes Lamparter: My own bed! No, of course the best thing was seeing my family and also some friends. Because of the isolation before the games, we really didn’t have much of a time together. I gave everyone a big hug and of course I shared a lot of stories and answered a lot of questions. The Schnitzel from mom was even more important this time!

Especially after the team competition the disappointment was big, is it better now with a little distance?

Johannes Lamparter: Yes and no. The disappointment is still there, of course. But we only had a little time to deal with it. I will definitely come to terms with it and learn my lessons from it. I can be satisfied with my personal performance, but only the first three places count and I felt good in all three competitions. I coped well with the all-around, I grew more and more into it over the days and the body adapted more and more. A little more rest and flow, like last year in Oberstdorf, would have been great. BUT no matter, now it is important to look ahead.

What is the difference between an Olympic competition and a normal World Cup?

Johannes Lamparter: Everything and nothing. It is the same as a normal competition, but the whole thing in Beijing was impressive. It starts with the arrival and the controls, the accommodations and the jumping and running facilities anyway. It was an incredible experience that I wouldn’t want to miss. And of course I want to compete in the Olympics again!

How were the days between the competitions?

Johannes Lamparter: We practiced very well and were even able to watch the ski jumpers compete. When they won the gold medal, we were incredibly happy. We knew that if everything worked out, we could do it too. Otherwise, we spent the time in the accommodation, trained, and of course I used the time to communicate with home. With my closest confidant in matters of planning, development, proper adjustment, etc., Patrick Murnig, I was connected every day via video call and between the competitions and runs we also exchanged information. Unfortunately, he could not be there directly on site, but otherwise he was, as always, my important mental and strategic support.

In four years, the Olympic Games will be held again, almost on our doorstep. Does that help you when people say: Don’t panic, you still have a chance?

Johannes Lamparter: Yes, of course! And it’s true. The words really do me good and I am very grateful. But at the moment, it doesn’t help. I know how close I was and which things could have been better. AND – I could really smell the medal already! The next games are pretty far away and there is still a lot to do until then. For example, this year’s season. We have drawn the right conclusions, discussed everything and made a plan, because it’s about to go on! 😉

Only 20, full of ambition and yet you seem very experienced and also relaxed. What helps you?

Johannes Lamparter: I try to strengthen myself mentally and to develop more and more self-confidence and strength. But also to find the right balance, the right stability and flexibility. I’m glad that I’m in a good position all around. In addition to my family, I have Patrick Murnig at my side, the best companion and guide you can imagine as a top athlete. I have been working with him for about four years on my personal and sporting development. Once again, we have a clear plan of how we are going to perform in the best possible way in the coming weeks. That just gives me a bit of security, which really helps.

You only have a short break, the World Cup moves to Lahti this weekend, what are your plans for the rest of the season?

Johannes Lamparter: The season is still quite intense and there are still five individual races and one team race to go. I will defend the bib of the World Cup leader as good as possible and try to keep it with me. That will be hard enough.

Is winning the overall World Cup now the big goal for this year?

Johannes Lamparter: My lead of 147 points may sound like a big lead, but actually – with the density in our starting field – it is almost nothing. I will give everything, yet I have already achieved more this season alone than ever before. My first World Cup victories, the podium at the Seefeld triple and, of course, the lead in the overall World Cup – I’m very grateful for that.

Your memories of Lahti are positive all the way?

Johannes Lamparter: Yes, Lahti is great! I was able to win my Junior World Championship titles there in 2019 and 2021. I think I will feel very comfortable there again this year. The hill suits me and in the cross-country skiing you can really attack. I can still remember 2019 well, when it was minus 17 degrees there. This time it will not be so cold according to the weather forecast, in any case it will be warmer than in Beijing! 😉