A short review to the 68th 4 Hills Tournament with Michl & Kraftl

This year’s 4 Hills Tournament closed up with the traditional competition in Bischofshofen  and brought up a new overall winner for the ski jumping fans – Dawid Kubacki. For Michael Hayböck and Stefan Kraft an exciting series of competitions full with sportive challenges ended. Above all the great atmosphere and the enormous support of the fans in Germany as well as in Austria at the home competitions will stay in mind.

Stefan Kraft started the 4 Hills Tournament strongly with a victory in the qualification of Oberstdorf and – with the 4th place on the next day – tightly missed the podium, which was led by Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN) followed by Karl Geiger (GER) and Dawid Kubacki (POL). Michael Hayböck, who has been in search of his consistency during the season, showed his second best season result and reached the 14thplace.

The New Year’s jumping in Garmisch again showed to be a big challenge for the roommates Kraft and Hayböck. Both of them had a cold, but nevertheless showed militant performances and solid jumps – which at the end meant a 13th place for Stefan and a 28th place for Michi. The victory was taken by the only 19-year-old Marius Lindvik (NOR), who celebrated his first ever World Cup victory.

At the Bergisel in Innsbruck things were looking up. Stefan Kraft again was part of the best jumpers, but sadly again missed the 3rd place, just like in Oberstdorf. While Marius Lindvik (NOR) celebrated his second World Cup victory, Hayböck showed two dedicated jumps on the hill, on which he still holds the hill record, proved consistency and gained the 23th place.

Not until Bischofshofen the tight battle for the overall victory would be determined – the four athletes Kobayashi, Geiger, Kubacki and Lindvik were fighting for the overall victory. Again Stefan Kraft won the qualification and also Michael Hayböck showed good jumps and started with good feelings into the last competition of the 4 Hills Tournament. The athletes showed a great jumping show, during which Michi placed himself under the Top 20. Stefan Kraft once more fought amongst the best, but again had to be settled with the unappreciated 4th place. Finally, Dawid Kubacki won the competition with the two widest jumps of the day and also took the overall victory!

Therewith, in three of four competitions Stefan Kraft reached the bitter 4th place, but definitely showed that he can compete with the very best of the World Cup! Michael Hayböck could elaborate a good consistency during the tournament, showed solid results and will continue his way with spirit and heart.

As always the JumpandReach family was also a great supporter of Michl & Kraftl and on-site at the 4 Hills Tournament! During the home competitions in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen the mascots “Fin” and “Claw” were part of the crowd to cheer for Michi and Krafti and made sure to create a great atmosphere. Also ski jumper Chiara Hölzl took the chance to watch her JumpandReach colleagues in Bischofshofen and crossed her fingers for them!

Therefore all that’s left to say is: Bye bye 4 hills – we are already looking forward to next year!


Michl und Kraftl_Header_FB_Tournee_FERTIG

Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck are ready for the 68th 4 Hills Tournament

The 68th 4 Hills Tournament is just around the corner. Tomorrow’s qualification at the Schattenberg hill in Oberstdorf initiates the next edition of the legendary tournament, where the athletes will already fight for important meters and points for the overall standings.

Again this year the 4 Hills Tournament is one of the big highlights of the season and in the run-ups to the tournament all signs have already shown to be very thrilling. In previous competitions there have already been five different winners, with Stefan Kraft among them. Therefore it has to be expected, that there will be a lot athletes competing for the overall victory…

The room mates and friends Stefan Kraft and Michi Hayböck are already very excited about the upcoming four stations of the tournament. It will not be an easy undertaking keeping up with the best, but it’s also about working constantly on one’s own performance and to inhale the positive emotions.

Both home competitions in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen will certainly be great events, beside local fans the mascots of Michi and Stefan – “Fin” and “Claw” –  will also be there to cheer for them and cross their fingers together with the JumpandReach family .


Johannes Lamparter stays ambassador of JumpandReach

We are happy to furthermore accompany Johannes Lamparter visibly on his way. Therefore the young Nordic Combined athlete will keep competing as an ambassador for JumpandReach. With his personality and his commitment Johannes fits perfectly to our spirit and thus is a great ambassador for the JumpandReach family!

The 18-year-old Junior World Champion will start the season on this weekend with the home World Cup in Ramsau. Last season, just there at the base of the Dachstein, Johannes could celebrate his World Cup debut and also win his first World Cup points. Again, this year the young Tyrolian can look forward to a great highlight, the Junior World Championships, which take place in Oberwiesenthal (D) in March.

For the kick-off of the season, here you can find an exclusive video portrait of the young athlete.

Titelbild_Licht ins Dunkel_2019

JumpandReach for “Licht ins Dunkel” 2019

For the third year in a row already, JumpandReach provides a unique experience for the charity auction of “ORF für Licht ins Dunkel”. There, everyone can take part and bid for special exhibits and experiences, whereas the money goes to the good cause.

Take part and bid on an unique skiing day in Hochzillertal together with Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayböck, Chiara Hölzl and the whole JumpandReach family, fare and a one nights’ stay in a 4**** Hotel for two is included! You can bid on the 15th of December from 18.00 during the “Sport am Sonntag” broadcast of the ORF. The proceeds will go into social projects and ventures for disabled people.

We are very pleased to be part of this great auction and are happy if many people take part in the bidding! In this way, everyone of us can help people in difficult situations.

Here you can find the TRAILER!


JumpandReach family becomes ambassador for the initiative ‘es tut nicht weh’

The philosophy and the spirit of the JumpandReach family have always been about core values like respect, community, friendship and touch with nature. Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayböck, Chiara Hölzl and the whole JumpandReach family like to spend their leisure time in nature, while hiking, biking, climbing or ski touring.

Because of that, from now on we will support the initiative ‘es tut nicht weh‘. We want to help keep our environment and our mountains clean!


JumpandReach Family at this years’ „Sports Gala“ in Vienna

Without a doubt, Austria is a country of superlatives regarding sports. Superlatives were also the keywords at this years’ gala, where the best sportswomen and sportsmen were honoured. As every year, this was an evening for Stefan Kraft & Co. to change their helmets and jumpsuits against suit and tie and mix with all the other special guests of the event.

After the popping of flashbulbs on the red carpet and numerous interviews with interested journalists, the JaR family proceeded to the comfortable part of the evening and took their seats – nothing than a nice evening ahead. Besides Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayböck, Chiara Hölzl, Johannes Lamparter and JumpandReach founder Patrick Murnig, this year also discus athlete and European Championship bronze medallist Lukas Weißhaidinger, together with his coach Gregor Högler were part of the JumpandReach table. The mixture of ski jumping and discus triggered a funny atmosphere.

As an icing on the cake, Nordic combined athlete Johannes Lamparter got honoured with the title “Youth athlete of the year” this evening.

Kraft Stefan_Kugel Alm__DSC5432

Double world champion and overall World Cup winner Stefan Kraft becomes ambassador for the “Großarltal”

From an early age Stefan Kraft has spent a lot of time in nature and still likes to go hiking and mountain biking in his leisure time. Starting from his hometown Schwarzach lots of trips have been made into the Großarltal and still now Stefan likes to be on his way in the “valley of alps”.

Therefore, we are happy to announce the new partnership between Stefan Kraft and the Großarltal. The double world champion and overall World Cup winner is a great ambassador for this beautiful hike and bike area, which he knows since his childhood days.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation!


JumpandReach Open 2019 – a very special golf tournament started its next round

At the golf club Seefeld-Reith friends and supporters of the Jumpandreach family met for a very special golf tournament.

Already the fifth time the “Jumpandreach Open” took place in the Olympic Region of Seefeld. Beside the Jumpandreach founder and JaR Open initiator Patrick Murnig also the later champion and former JumpandReach athlete Stefan Hayböck, as well as entrepreneurs Walter Falbesoner, Thomas Dampf and many more played together for a good cause, for the JaR initiative for supporting young athletes.

Even though the teams were fighting for every victory at every hole, the fun together was the most important thing for everyone. Young and old mixed, faced for example at the Red Bull-, Recheis-, Seefeld-, EnergieAG-, Body&Soul or JaR Spirit hole challenging Bunkers, Putts and Drives to get the little ball in the hole.

Therefore the participants also got, beside the great conditions at the golfing place, something for their well-being at each of the 9 holes .

As in the last years the money for the start of this other type of golf tournament is a support for our initiative for young Austrian athletes.

Patrick Murnig: “It was a golf tournament following our JumpandReach philosophy. The amicable being-together and a lot of fun in comfortable, informal and professional atmosphere again were the centre of the happening. Every participant had a lot of fun – a great day and a great tournament for a good cause with perfect conditions and an excellent infrastructure for the participants in the golf club Seefeld Reith and the Olympic Region Seefeld”.

20190923 GD und Hayböck_2

Energie AG stays head sponsor of Michael Hayböck

Since 2010 the ‘Energie AG Oberösterreich’ ist head sponsor of Michael Hayböck. This long-established cooperation has now been extended for another three years. Therefore, Energie AG will continue as a strong partner at Michaels side.

We are happy that Michi Hayböck continues to be part of a philosophy with which the ‘Energie AG’ supports young athletes and accompanies them on longer-terms.

So this long-lasting and successful cooperation will go into the ‘next round’!


Chiara Hölzl – a new face in our JumpandReach family

With Chiara Hölzl the JumpandReach family gained a new member for its team. The young ski jumper is part of the JumpandReach family for two month already – a period of time, in which we integrated her into our work and made plans for the upcoming path together as a team.

Chiara is a ski jumper of the Austrian national squad and lives in St. Veit in Pongau, Salzburg. Since her father and her brother convinced her to try out ski jumping when she was young, she is an enthusiast of the sport.

Chiara could celebrate her biggest achievement in the last season of 2018/2019. She won the silver medal with the team at the home World Championships in Seefeld, Tyrol. Furthermore, the 22-year-old can already look back at four podiums in the World Cup, she participated in the Olympic Games and won the title “Junior World Champion”.

Besides ski jumping Chiara likes to do sports in her spare time too:  She likes playing tennis, running and ski touring. There, the native of Salzburg likes to be on her own during the tours, as it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the peace and calmness and to clear her mind.

We are very happy to have Chiara Hölzl in our team, a young ski jumper with a professional attitude and positive personality, who therefore fits perfectly to our JumpandReach spirit.

Welcome to the JumpandReach family, Chiara!