Ski Jumpers’ Golf Trophy 2019

Under the slogan of a „sportive understanding among nations“ some of the world’s best ski jumpers met this year already for the sixth  time to an amicable golf competition – for the fourth time now at the golf club Zillertal Uderns in Tyrol.

The Austrian ski jumpers Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck challenged together with their systemic coach Patrick Murnig, head coach Andi Felder and their team colleague Markus Schiffner the Norwegians Johann Andre Forfang, Robert Johansson, Anders Fannemel, Olympic champion Maren Lundby, and their coaches  Alexander Stöckl and Christian Meyer for a rematch.

Also this year the Norwegian team gained the victory. Forfang, Fannemel, Lundby & Co. therefore defended their victory of the last year and were very happy about this “first victory of the season”.

Of course the athletes couldn’t completely leave aside the competitive thought also on the golf course. Nevertheless, the fun and amicable exchange between sportsmen and trainers of all nations were in the foreground and therefore all participants spent an amusing day off of the usual rush in winter. In the evening the athletes and their coaches enjoyed a tasty dinner, laughed a lot and the two Norwegian coaches Christian Meyer (women) and Alex Stöckl (men) surprised the ski jumping family with an overwhelming and unique musical performance.

Michael Hayböck: “Today has been more than a great day with the Norges at the Golfclub Zillertal-Uderns. I really like playing golf and if I get the chance to play golf with my ski jumping friends, like today at our special version of the Ryder Cup’s, I am enjoying it even more. At the last whole I screw two balls, but until then it has been a very good game ;-). Of course we wanted to win to pay the Norges back for last year, but in this case we will beat them next time ;-).”

Patrick Murnig: “It really was again great to compete with our ski jumping colleagues in golf. We had enough time chat, which is not that easy possible in winter. I had good conversations woth Johann Andre Forfang and we had a lot of fun and we are looking forward to next year.”


JumpandReach exhibit at the Krone Sporthilfe charity auction

Every year the ‘Sporthilfe’ and the ‘Krone’ auction off unique experiences and non-cash prizes during their special charity auction. This year for the first time, JumpandReach provides a one-of-a-kind experience for this charity auction.

The prize is an afternoon full of sportive activities but mainly with a lot of fun with Michael Hayböck, Stefan Kraft, Mario Seidl and the whole JumpandReach family during the annual “JumpandReach for friends” in the ‘Olympiaregion Seefeld’. Included is an overnight stay for two persons in a four-star hotel in the Seefeld.

The auction lasts until May the 13th 2019 at 4 PM. The proceeds contribute to Austrian young athletes and handicapped athletes.

We are all very happy to be part of such a great project and would be pleased, if many of you participate in this special auction in order to make a change together! Click here for the auction.

JumpandReach has its fingers crossed for you!


JumpandReach athletes skiing-day 2019 at Hochzillertal

As every year, JumpandReach again invited its athletes to the annual JumpandReach athletes skiing-day at Hochzillertal/Kaltenbach. As a perfect closure of the winter season we spent a breath-taking skiing-day in the Zillertaler Alps together with friends and partners. „Sports and fun“ was the motto of this special day and as every year it was the perfect occasion to spent an awesome skiing-day together with friends and a lot of fun – just exactly according to the JumpandReach Spirit.

The whole JumpandReach family had lots of fun enjoying the fantastic slope conditions despite spring-like temperature. The ski-jumpers Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck as well as the Nordic combined athletes Mario Seidl, Christian Deuschl, Dominik Terzer and the junior world champion Johannes Lamparter were part in this special skiing-day. The following stop at the ‘Kristallhütte’ for a hearty meal completed the day.

Stefan Kraft: “It’s always great when the whole JumpandReach family comes together. I enjoy skiing anyway and today the conditions were dreamlike. Every time it’s a huge enjoyment and we can chat in a relaxed ambience. It’s casual and cheerful – exactly the right thing after a long season. And like in the past years we had fantastic weather and nice temperatures.“

Michael Hayböck: „During the season we barely have time to meet the other JaR-athletes und especially because of that it’s more fun, when you can interchange with the other guys upon good food, gorgeous panorama and some ski-runs in the perfect snow. The conditions as well as the weather could not have been better this day.“

A video of this years skiing day is available under the following link: JumpandReach Skiing day 2019


Fan-Apps of Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck

Discover Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck as a cool 3D model! There are now two great Fan-Apps for Michi and Krafti, with which you can create the two athletes in 3D on their autograph cards.

And that’s how it works: Download the app, acquire a autograph card and off you go! Simply pull up the app, point your mobilde device towards the printed autograph card and the app will show you different 3D models of Michael and Stefan. On one page you can discover the athletes in a sporty outfit, on the other page you’ll see them in action, midway through a flight. The digital doubles are in such high-resolution that you can zoom in to just a few centimeters. There is also more information about the two skijumpers, including a short bio and their respective successes.

Here you can download the apps:

Johannes_bearbeitet_low quality

A short review to the Nordic Ski Junior World Championship with our athletes Johannes Lamparter and Dominik Terzer

In January 2019 in Lathi the young talents of Nordic combination were fighting for gold, silver and bronze at the Nordic Ski Junior World Championship. Our JumpandReach athletes Dominik Terzer and Johanes Lamparter took part in the world championship the second time and not success less!

After winning the second place in weight lifting the third time, Johannes Lamparter again is celebrating a three times victory: He returns at home with one gold, one silver and one bronze medal in his baggage. On the first day of competition he achieved the second place with a constant jump and a good performance on the cross-country ski run over 5km. Just 5 seconds behind the first place victory. Two days later he won – together with Florian Dagn, Max Teeling and Marc-Luis Rainer – the bronze medal in team. But his personal highlight has not even happened yet: On the last day of competition the single competition over 10km took place. After a good jumping performance the young Tyrolian started the cross-country ski run with just 9 seconds behind the first-placed. Two kilometres before the finish, Johannes Lamparter was able to gain distance on the others and sprinted for gold. Dominik Terzer had to fight a little bit more during the competitions. Nevertheless he gained the 10th place over 5km cross-country ski run previous to Florian Dagn and Max Teeling.

Johannes Lamparter:Everything went pretty well for me this world championship, I was able to plan the runs very well and also my jumping was constant and solid. Standing on the top and hearing the Austrian national anthem was one of the most beautiful moments in my current athlete’s career. All in all there were unique and special moments and emotions in this world championship in Lathi, which I take with me beside the medals.”


Johannes Lamparter as JumpandReach ambassador 2018/19

After three years, has welcomed with Johannes Lamparter a new young athlete to the team – Johannes Lamparter. Johannes is a Nordic Combined athlete and currently attending the Ski Gymnasium in Stams. Already as a six-year-old he tried his first jumps in the Nordic Team Absam with Andi Felder as a coach and also started cross-country skiing. Ever since he has been an enthusiastic Nordic Combined athlete.

Johannes achieved his biggest successes so far in the last season of 2017/18. At the Junior World Championships in Kandersteg (CH) he won, among others with JaR athlete Dominik Terzer, the gold medal with the team. At the end of the season he was overall winner of the “Alpencup”. Last summer Johannes Lamparter made his debut in the Summer Grand Prix and could show some good results.

We are happy to visibly accompany Johannes on one step of his path. With his personality and his dedication the young Nordic Combined athlete is a great ambassador for the spirit of the JumpandReach family!

02.04.2018, Skizentrum Hochzillertal, Kaltenbach, AUT, JumpandReach Skitag, im Bild Stefan Hayboeck, Maximilian Schultz, Patrick Murnig, Anna Gmeiner, Stefan Kraft, Dominik Koegler, Elisabeth Raudaschl, Dominik Terzer, Michael Hayboeck, Christian Deuschl, Mario Seidl, Petra Ausserhofer // during the Skiing Day after the Winterseason with the Austrian JumpandReach Athletes at the Skiresort Hochzillertal, Austria on 2018/04/02. EXPA Pictures © 2018, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ JFK

JumpandReach for Licht ins Dunkel 2018

Every year there is the possibility to take part and bid for unique moments and experiences for the good cause. This year JumpandReach is part of it again, with something great.

Take part and bid on an unique skiing day in Hochzillertal together with Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayböck, Mario Seidl and the whole JaR-Family, fare and a one night’s stay in a 4**** Hotel for two!! We all are very happy to be part of this great project!

You can bid on the 16th of December from 17.30 during the Sport am Sonntag broadcast in ORF. The proceeds will go into social projects and ventures for disabled people.

Be part of it!!


JumpandReach Open 2018 – a special golf tournament for a good cause

At the Golfclub Seefeld Reith friends, patronisers and athletes of JumpandReach met up once again for a special golf tournament in a great atmosphere.

The “JumpandReach Open” took place for the fourth time already. Alongside Nordic combined athlete Christian Deuschl, also Maximilian Schultz, Thomas Dampf and JumpandReach founder Patrick Murnig played golf for a good cause for the support of young athletes. Even though every team was fighting for every shot, having fun together was the important thing. The young and the old, alltogether, took up the challange at the “Seefeld -“, “Elastica-“, “Energie AG-“, “Body&Soul-” or at the “Snack” hole.

Beside the great conditions at the Golfclub the players received great prizes and details at every hole and obviously enjoyed themselfes at the round of 9 holes.

As every year the entry fee of this special golf tournament goes into the JumpandReach funding initiative and therefore benefits young Austrian athletes.

Patrick Murnig: “A golf tournament exactly like the JumpandReach philosophy! A friendly coming together, a lot of fun in professional and jovially atmosphere and the chats between athletes, friends and supporters were in the focus again. Besides nice prizes, the participants enjoyed a great infrastructure at the Golfclub Seefeld Reith and in the “Olympiaregion” Seefeld.”


Breitling – a new partner for Stefan Kraft

Precision, style and performance signify for the Breitling Company.
Breitling stands for team spirit and camaraderie, because as a group you can achieve a lot more than as a single person. Exactly these values are also a decisive part of success in sports.

Also in ski-jumping, as a so-called “individual sports-man”, you work together with a team to reach the goals, you aimed for. Therefore it is important that you can build on every teammate as its own.

Stefan Kraft is with his strong and positive personality a more than suitable ambassador of values like team spirit and camaraderie – as he lives for it day after day in training and competition. Therefore Stefan can be happy to look on a great base together with his new partner Breitling.


Renewal of the partnership with Hochzillertal

With Kaltenbach, Hochfügen, Spieljoch, as well as Kristallhütte and Wedelhütte the Hochzillertal offers a dreamlike atmosphere in both, summer and winter. Because of the certainty of snow in winter and the high class cuisine and relaxation in the nature in summer it is a great destination for holidaymakers, but also ensures an amazing experience for all sports people.

The spirit and the philosophy of the institution JumpandReach are based, among others, in the touch with nature and the mountain and sports affinity. For this very reason the partnership with Hochzillertal depicts an ideal synergy to actively live this philosophy by hiking, regenerating in the nature or by skiing on the well-prepared slopes.

In this sense we are delighted about the renewal of this great partnership and are looking forward to making good use of synergies.