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Christmas greetings to the Innsbruck Children’s Hospital

For many years, we have had a special connection with the Innsbruck Children’s Hospital, which is very close to our hearts. In the past, the visits of Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayböck and Co. made numerous children’s eyes light up.

Since a visit in this form is not yet possible again, we brought a Christmas greeting to the Innsbruck Children’s Hospital as in previous years. Together with “Bio vom Berg” chairman Simon Wolf, Patrick Murnig and the two Nordic Combined athletes Johannes Lamparter and Christian Deuschl surprised the patients, nurses and doctors with “g’schmackigen” gifts made from regional produce.

A small gift for the little “heroes” and for the staff, who do an incredible job with their tireless commitment and inspiring team spirit!

Double world champion Johannes Lamparter (Nordic combined):

“The kids at the children’s hospital are all little heroes and heroines. And everyone around them is also doing incredible things. It makes me happy to be able to be there today and I hope that the gifts will lead to some shining children’s eyes.”

Patrick Murnig (Founder JumpandReach):

“For many years now, we have been visiting the Children’s Hospital on and off to give time, laugh, or just chat. What is done here every day by the staff around Dr. Thomas Müller cannot be honored highly enough.

I would like to thank everyone who supports our kids(e)motion projects throughout the year – including by buying “parts” of the JumpandReach Spirit collection – this makes a lot of things possible for us.”