Dominik Terzer and Johannes Lamparter fight for gold, silver and bronze on the Junior Worldchampionships in Lahti

The hotspot of the nordic ski sports seems to be the reason, which makes this day to the center of the competition for the best junior competetives. Lahti and therefore Finland is the host of the Junior Nordic Ski Worldhampionships 2019. The competition of nordic combination already starts next week on Wednesday for the single competitions over 5 kilometers.

Dominik Terzer and Johannes Lamperter, two athletes of the JumpandReach family, are part of the starting field. Both had their beginning in nordic combination together in the Nordic Family in Absam and both of the tyroleans were participants oft he legendary „JumpandReach Kids meet their idols“ at the beginning of their nordic combined career.

For both Dominik and Johannes this competition is not their first  junior worldchampionships. In 2018 they were both part of the Junior  Wolrdchamionships in Kandersteg with great results.

The “youngun” Dominik Terzer from Absam enterted the welcome oft he „Nordic Family in Absam“, in which Dominik as well as Johannes had their beginning in nordic combination,  with two gotten medals. The 19 year old thus can proudly call himself the vice Junior World Champion in single competition and Junior World Champion in team.

Also for Johannes Lamperter the Junior World Championship in Kandersteg, on which he happily looks back, ended succsessfully with gold in team competition (among others with Dominik Terzer). Calling himself the vice national champion and U17 national champion in weight lifting in november the last year, he now competes for the medals in nordic combination in a few days.

Dominik Terzer: „The last Junior World Championship of course were great for me to be part of and I happily look back on it. These are unique momories, but I have to live in the present for the coming World Championship and think from race to race. The cards will be mixed again and everything can happen. I am happy about being again part oft he Junior World Championship and I will try to enjoy the atmosphere and to give my best.“

Johannes Lamparter: „I am really looking forward to being part again of  the Junior Wolrd Championship. I am looking forward to the ambience there and after the start in national championship in Ramsau, this competition surely is THE highlight for me. The competitors will be thight, but I like to compete with the best and I am really looking forward to it. Of course no one of the participates in a World Championship wants to come home without a medal – but every competitor thinks like me and I have to see, what is possible for me.“