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JumpandReach family come together with 8 medals at the Red Bull Arena in Salzburg

In great weather, the JumpandReach family met in the Red Bull Arena in Salzburg for a special come together again after a very special season to review it. In addition to Stefan Kraft, Johannes Lamparter, Chiara Hölzl, Michael Hayböck, Christian Deuschl, Dominik Terzer & their systemic coach Patrick Murnig, 8 World Championship medals (4x gold, 2x bronze and 1x silver) from World Cup participants Kraft, Lamparter, Hölzl & Hayböck were right in the middle instead of just being there. This shiny collection of medals formed something like the center of this “sporty and sociable group” in the middle of the “holy lawn” in Salzburg. Stefan Kraft and Johannes Lamparter brought 6 medals to this special meeting.

All participants were of course tested and “keeping the distance” was the order of the day. In addition to a sociable and relaxed get-together, there was also time for the one or the other interview or photo. At the end of the day, Kraft, Lamparter & Co. can look back on an informal, funny get-together in a very special setting, adapted to the special times.

Johannes Lamparter: “You can’t say that every day by far, that you may come together for a kind of “season ending” in the middle of this impressive football stadium. It was a really cool atmosphere and it was really fun, to review this incredible season with Michi, Krafti, Chiara & Co. In the coming days I will be preparing for the central school-leaving exam in addition to the one or the other cross-country skiing unit.”

Stefan Kraft: “I’ve already been to the stadium a few times for a Salzburg game. The atmosphere there is always awesome and very special for me as a football fanatic. To be here today with my World Cup medals in the middle of the pitch together with the JaR family troupe was really nice and I liked the perspective and atmosphere very much. I will now enjoy a few days off in the coming days after Easter.”

Patrick Murnig: “Today was a really cool get-together for the entire JaR family with their athletes and their achievements, which were in the middle of this come together together with our special spirit. We were already in the same constellation in the summer for parachuting in Hangar 8, the stadium was out from a different perspective. Today, many months later, we are here on the lawn, can review the season in the smallest of frames and look back to unbelievable 8 World Championship medals.”