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JumpandReach for friends 2018 – A special family meeting with an outlook to the Nordic Ski World Championship 2019 in Seefeld

Round about 200 days before the Nordic Ski World championship 2019 in Seefeld, the JaR-athletes Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayböck and Mario Seidl came together for the traditional Jumpand Reach for friends meeting. Also the JumpandReach-Familiy, the closest friends and mentors like Diana Langes Swarovski came together for a cozy, sporty and educational gathering in a great atmosphere at the Hotel Klosterbräu&Spa of family Seyrling.

The thought of the home World Championship put this years’ JumpandReach for friends meeting in a special light.

It was a unique atmosphere at our E-Bike tour with TVB director Elias Walser as our personal E-Bike-Guide.

We explored the “Olympiaregion Seefeld” on two wheels and the tour offered the JaR-athletes a special view of the place, where in February it will be fought about gold, silver and bronze. So, it was a little like “silence before the storm” for Stefan Kraft with roommate Michael Hayböck, Mario Seidl and the JumpandReach family on the way to the Rootmosalm at the Gaistal.

On Sunday the JumpandReach family found a pleasant and cheerful way to end this years’ JumpandReach for friends meeting with a short hike with Maximilian Schulz and a visit to the new “Spieljochbahn in Hochfügen”.

Stefan Kraft: “We have been coming together for the JumpandReach for friends in Seefeld for many years now. It´s a fixed date where I always like to come to. This summer I was on the road a lot with my mountain bike, but without an engine. But it was a lot of fun with the E-Bike too, we saw the Olympiaregion from a completely different angle and it was real fun to ride in the group. Seeing Seefeld again before it´s almost time for medals was really special too.When you see the skijump or hear where the tribune will be set, it already starts to tringle.”

Michael Hayböck: “Once again it was a great time at the JumpandReach for friends at the Hotel Klosterbräu in Seefeld. The E-Bike Tour was a great thing! We moved forward in the group quite quickly and didn´t have to wait too long for each other. Riding the E-Bike was almost like cruising ;). In a few month it won´t be quite anymore in Seefeld, but it was great to see the region from another side before it will be fought for medals in February.”

Mario Seild: “I always enjoy coming to Seefeld, in summer as well as in winter. Now, visits to Seefeld are becoming more and more special before the World Championship. It was a great fun to drive through the Gaistal with the E-Bike. It was a wonderful tour! Riding the bike is always part of my summer preparation, of course without an engine, but that was exactly why it was a cool and funny thing to do with the whole group. We had some great days at the JumpandReach for friends again and it’s nice that every year there is something new to do.