Exercises are the alpha and omega of a child’s development. Children get stronger on their personality and self-confidence by sports. They learn to deal with themselves and to get in touch with others and develop their social skills.
In addition, children learn about themselves and their body, its possibilities and limitations: fun, adventure, strength, power, relaxation, fatigue, and exhaustion. Also the environment and their influences are perceived: What’s up, what’s down there? What’s fast? What is slow? What forces act in which form of motion? Sport helps children thus to pool knowledge and experience and is part of a very important process in the personality development.

In this case sports represent an optimal instrument to motivate children to move especially in the future. As an institution that commits in the support, monitoring and promotion of young athletes for over ten years, we try to get children interested in sport and movement from the diverse world of sport. To achieve this JumpandReach organized for many years various sports projects for children to exemplify them values such as fairness, respect, ambition and discipline and to teach and give them the joy of movement and sport. In the future there should be a variety of projects for children too and we are constantly striving to implement new ideas, show kids what is fun, but also the importance of sport.