Michael Hayböck nach der Bandscheiben-OP

Michael Hayböck successfully underwent surgery after disk herniation

Michael Hayböck was diagnosed with a disk herniation after persistent back pain on Monday and underwent surgery on the same day. The surgery went according to plan, Michael Hayböck is now pain-free again and has already started rehab. If everything continues to go according to plan, he will be allowed to return home as early as this weekend.

Already before the Summer Grand Prix’ in Klingenthal and Hinzenbach the 30-year-old Upper Austrian was not able to practice to the full extent due to persistent back problems. Last weekend in Klingenthal, the pain then radiated into his left foot for the first time. This worsened more and more, until due to strong nervous pain and cramps in the left foot lying and sleeping became impossible. During the check-up on Monday in Innsbruck, the disk herniation was finally diagnosed and successfully operated by Dr. Gabl.