Michl & Kraftl start into the 69th edition of the 4hills tournament

With today’s qualification on the legendary “Schattenbergschanze” in Oberstdorf the 4hills tournament starts in its 69th edition. An edition that has never been seen before in the tournaments history and will certainly be remembered for a long time.

Corona also has the 4hills tournament firmly under control – after all, all competitions this year will take place without a spectator. Nevertheless, one of the ski jumping spectacles for the athletes around Michael Hayböck and Stefan Kraft is on the agenda with the tournament. The preparation for this tour could hardly be more “special”, more difficult and more extraordinary.

After the corona illness, Michael Hayböck was able to show a top flight show at the Ski Flying World Championships in Planica and was close to winning the medals with 4th place. Michi was able to show a constant performance also afterwards in Engelberg and already showed one or the other cool jump and is looking forward to a “very special tour” with great anticipation.

For Stefan Kraft, the preparation for this tour was by far not what the overall World Cup winner form last year had wished for. After the corona illness, the well-known back pain makes competitions at the Ski Flying World Championships in Planica impossible for Stefan and after a test jump in Planica, Stefan went home again. The general rehearsal for the 4hills tournament in Engelberg came too early for Stefan and had to go through the stage without him. After one or the other jump on the skijumping hill in Seefeld before Christmas, Kraft is now heading for the 69th edition of the Four Hills Tournament as a kind of “surprise bag” and with very low expectations.

It will be a special tour with individual challenges for Michi Hayböck, Stefan Kraft and the entire ski jumping entourage. For the roommates, however, the “myth 4hills tournament” is at the top of the highlight list and for both of them it is important to make cool jumps, to absorb everything and to build up and maintain the tension under competitive conditions.

Thanks to all of you for keeping your fingers crossed at home and hopefully we’ll see you again next year for the 70th edition of the Four Hills Tournament.