Ski Jumpers’ Golf Trophy 2019

Under the slogan of a „sportive understanding among nations“ some of the world’s best ski jumpers met this year already for the sixth  time to an amicable golf competition – for the fourth time now at the golf club Zillertal Uderns in Tyrol.

The Austrian ski jumpers Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck challenged together with their systemic coach Patrick Murnig, head coach Andi Felder and their team colleague Markus Schiffner the Norwegians Johann Andre Forfang, Robert Johansson, Anders Fannemel, Olympic champion Maren Lundby, and their coaches  Alexander Stöckl and Christian Meyer for a rematch.

Also this year the Norwegian team gained the victory. Forfang, Fannemel, Lundby & Co. therefore defended their victory of the last year and were very happy about this “first victory of the season”.

Of course the athletes couldn’t completely leave aside the competitive thought also on the golf course. Nevertheless, the fun and amicable exchange between sportsmen and trainers of all nations were in the foreground and therefore all participants spent an amusing day off of the usual rush in winter. In the evening the athletes and their coaches enjoyed a tasty dinner, laughed a lot and the two Norwegian coaches Christian Meyer (women) and Alex Stöckl (men) surprised the ski jumping family with an overwhelming and unique musical performance.

Michael Hayböck: “Today has been more than a great day with the Norges at the Golfclub Zillertal-Uderns. I really like playing golf and if I get the chance to play golf with my ski jumping friends, like today at our special version of the Ryder Cup’s, I am enjoying it even more. At the last whole I screw two balls, but until then it has been a very good game ;-). Of course we wanted to win to pay the Norges back for last year, but in this case we will beat them next time ;-).”

Patrick Murnig: “It really was again great to compete with our ski jumping colleagues in golf. We had enough time chat, which is not that easy possible in winter. I had good conversations woth Johann Andre Forfang and we had a lot of fun and we are looking forward to next year.”