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Special trophy ceremony for Chiara Hölzl and Stefan Kraft

Without a doubt, this was a special day for Chiara Hölzl, Stefan Kraft and the JumpandReach family. Not lastly because the weather and the scenery gave an extraordinary “stage” for the trophy ceremony of the “Golden Lions” for Salzburg’s sportswoman and sportsman of the year, Chiara Hölzl and Stefan Kraft.

High above the rooftops of Salzburg at the M32 on the Mönchsberg, Stefan and Chiara received this special award – the ”Leonidas”. Due to the coronavirus, this years’ Leonidas gala dinner got cancelled. Therefore, the two received their award in a smaller but exquisite ambient right next to the “Festung Hohensalzburg”. The two trophies powered by “Salzburger Nachrichten” where shining in the hands of their winners and Chiara and Stefan looked great, wearing a traditional “Dirndl” and “Lederhosen”. Even though this will never equal the gala dinner, it was a worthy atmosphere for the two from Pongau/Salzburg.

After 2013 („Rookie of the year“) it was the second “Golden Lion” for Chiara Hölzl, but the first “big one”. A great honour for the 22-year old and also an award with high prestige and appreciation for last years’ results.

Chiara Hölzl: „It is simply amazing. I see it as an appreciation for the last season. Especially in a province like Salzburg, where there are so many great athletes, this award counts double. Being the best was always a great dream of mine”.

For her ski-jumping colleague and overall World Cup winner Stefan Kraft, this years’ award is already the second one after 2017, nevertheless, this one has a special meaning for him.

Stefan Kraft: „This award has always been and will always be something really special in a country with such a high density of great athletes. As the first Lion is standing in the training centre in Rif, now I also have a Lion at home and I can be happy and motivate myself every time I walk by.

With two golden Lions and the title „Salzburgs‘ sportswoman and sportsman of the year“ in their trophy collection, the two will start with the long-awaited jumps on the hills during the next weeks. Both of them take with them a lot of motivation for the pre-season, to best prepare for the upcoming season with new challenges, emotions and unique moments for them and the ski-jumping sport.