The Jumpandreach family participating in Austrian Championship


Slightly more than a week after the finals in summer Grand Prix of the ski jumping participants in Klingenthal, Bischofshofen was the place to be for ski jumpers, nordic combinators and there fan community. The reason therefore is that Bischofshofen is the place where the Austrian champion of the big jump will be determined.

In familiar atmosphere and in front of the eyes of the audience and many supporters the Jumpandreach athletes Michi Hayböck, Stefan Kraft and Mario Seidl contended for the title of the Austrian champion.

With partly changing conditions Michi Hayböck placed himself at the end on the 2nd place after the later winner Dani Huber. Stefan Kraft reached after Philipp Aschenwald and Manuel Fettner on this day the 5th place. Mario Seidl was unbeatable this day in nordic combination. The fundament for the national victory was already set on the jump with 134,5 meters. Starting in the second position after Franz Josef Rehrl, Mario shows a high-class cross-country skiing performance and placed himself on the first place. Dominik Terzer made the 12th place.

Three days later in Hinzenbach the Austrian champions on the regular jump has been determined.

In the special jumping competition Michael Hayböck showed that he can maintain his condition and saved himself the national championship title at home in Hinzenbach leaving Daniel Huber and Clemens Aigner behind.

Mario Seidl also was unbeatable this day in nordic combination and therefore could call himself the double national champion. Dominik Terzer accomplished the 11th place on the regular jump.