Collage_JaR sportler wings for life

The JumpandReach family team at the Wings for Life World Run 2021

“Running for those who can’t.” That was the motto of the Wings for Life World Run again this year, where once more many thousands of runners all over the world ran for the good cause.  With a record participation of almost 185,000 participants, this year more people than ever before were part of this extraordinary run. Due to the Corona situation, this year’s run was once again an “App run” via the Wings for Life App and so you were alone but somehow together with the entire community.


In the middle of this run with “virtual Catcher Car” was this year the first time that an own JumpandReach Family Team, where the whole JaR family and “friends” were at the start for the good cause. Led by the mascots “Fin and Claw”, Stefan Kraft, Michi Hayböck, Chiara Kreuzer (formerly Hölzl), Johannes Lamparter, Christian Deuschl, Dominik Terzer, Marco Pichlmayer, Stefan Hayböck and the “friends” of the JaR family team ran alone but then somehow together their kilometers for the good cause.


Patrick Murnig: “It was our goal to run with fun and to do it with our “spirit” – thanks to everyone who ran with us in the JumpandReach family team – it was so cool!”