The twin room Hayböck / Kraft are waiting in the wings for the 67th Four Hills Tournament

The 67th Four Hill Tournament is one with more or less „special“ signs. On the list of result a colourful mixture of winners an winner nations are to be found before the start oft he annual ski jumping highlight – with Klimov, Kobayashi and Geiger already three athletes celebrated in the prior season their first world cup victory.

The next edition oft he notorious Four Hill Tournament starts tomorrow with qualification at the foot of Schattenberg in Obersdorf. The Schattenberg jump in Obersdorf in Bavaria is place of a competition for important meters and points. Points and meters for which also the two bedroom colleagues Michael Hayböck and Stefan Kraft will compete.

It possibly will not be an easy undertaking to keep up with the best and to stay in the front of the list of results, which both oft he bedroom colleagues agree on. The pleasant anticipation of „Michl and Kraftl“ about the upcoming tournament and about the next jump is huge at home and calls up special emotions. Hayböck and Kraft have to gain in constistency in this spectacular ski jumping stage, to work harder and to absorb the positive emotions.

Stefan Kraft: „This Tournament takes, beside the World Championship in february, a special place in my ski jumping calendar. When you arrive as a ski jumping participant in Obersdorf, then you know, it is time for tournament and that the next days will give you the creeps. The jumpings in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen are for me like for every Austrian competitor of course the highlights oft he tournament – for this feeling, sitting on the beam, you become a ski jumper.“

Michael Hayböck: „The last week I was fighting with my consistency and corrispondingly to that are may expectations concerning my placement. I need to be realistic. Nonetheless the Four Hill Tournament is one oft he greatest things for every ski jumper and i saw, that I can reach the front middle field with two good jumpings and that is something I can be pleased with. This sports has become more sensitive, which this Tournament will show once  again – I am sure about that.“