Young athletes sponsors

In order to plan and implement our versatile, targeted and individual work and support of young athletes optimally, of course it also needs financial resources. Only in this way it is possible to help talented young athletes comprehensively and bring them closer to the top. At the same time it helps the parents to reduce the financial costs. Especially for young talents it is often particularly difficult – due to their lack of awareness and market value – to cope without financial support the first major hurdles.

Through this support we can implement a variety of projects and measures for our athletes that advance them in their sports, but also in their personal development.The support further allows the athlete a comprehensive service package, through which it is possible for them to concentrate fully on the sport, but still not lose the important things in addition to the sports of the eyes.

The success of this concept is confirmed firstly by the events of recent years, but also by the positive attitude of our athletes.
Whether private person, “buddies” or companies, our athletes and we thank you for each type of support and assistance.

We try to make the use as transparent as possible, so that it can be traced exactly what is supported with your investment.
Our external projects for “Kids in Motion”, such as supporting young concepts of associations, which we support in popular sports accompanied purposefully from these promotions.