Young Talents

Young Talents is a small project within the meaning of the promotion of young athletes, who are on their way to Skigymnasium Stams. The promotion relates to athletes of disciplines ski jumping, Nordic combined and biathlon.
The “Young Talents” project is designed to help young hopeful talents to be able to prepare for the life as a top athlete with all its facets optimally.
The main blocks are coaching and personal development and the opportunity to exchange experiences with world-class athletes who they can meet through us.

Furthermore, we try best to relieve the parents, which often have to cope with the additional burden of private school and expensive FIS-compliant competition equipment. In addition our network and infrastructure is available for young talents in case of an injury or other problems to be able to help quickly and professionally.
In order to support and encourage these promising young athletes optimally, we are dependent on the support of committed companies. The aim is not only to use their investment to use transparent but enshrine their commitment to young athletes in the minds of the public.