Young Talents

The “Young Talents” project supports young athletes who are on their way to enter the ski high school in Stams, Tyrol. The support is addressed to athletes in the disciplines of ski jumping, Nordic combined and biathlon. The aim of the project is to optimally prepare the talents for the life of a top athlete with all its facets. The most important components are coaching, personality development and the opportunity to exchange experiences with world-class athletes. We also try to relieve the parents as much as possible. Often the costs for the private school and the expensive FIS-compliant competition equipment represent an additional burden.

In addition, our network and infrastructure are available for the young talents so that they can be helped as quickly and professionally as possible in case of injury or other problems. In order to support and encourage the young talents optimally, we are relying on the support of committed companies. We aim to use the investment of the companies transparently and to anchor the commitment for young athletes in the minds of the public.